Truly being the most loyal citizen of the nation, every person has to think for their own country. It could be both male or female and even a kid. After all the youth of the nation are the most important part of the country as they are the one who can build or even destroy the nation. As per the topic of ” SPREAD THE VIBE” I do feel that all most everyone has some sort of inspirational stories from which we get inspirations and we think for it and we try to do something which is related to our society’s welfare. I think their are many stories which I can share with all of you guys but still I’ll talk about just one of them that’s something most important to tell you that in somewhat in month of March of 2015, I met my grandfather and he told me some amazing stories and one of them were that even though my grandfather was an section officer but still he was such a truthful and loyal person that he always avoided to be a part of corruption and always told their children to be honest, as he believed that being loyal and honest is always difficult but it’s the only path which gives you a sensation of always being the legend when you talk about the honesty! So, he told me that once he bought around five blankets for his five kids but as he was on his way to home he found that even in part of such chilling winds of the a cold winter night there were five kids sneezing with cold but they didn’t had cloths to cover themselves so he decided to give all the blankets he had  to all those kids and as he reached to home he just said to my grandmother that he has given the blanket to those who need more than us! and my grandmother with her sweet smiled face she turned over and moved away! To know more about such inspiring and awesome stories please visit on the given URLhttp://www.youthkiawaaz.com/ and think for your own society and for other’s as you are the one who can build up a society and can kick all the negative terms and conditions it whatever you want to do man but remember that  the” youth ki awaaz” has the biggest power to change the world.

Thanks and Regards to all!