Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse Review

This is the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse review, also known as Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. It is the third version of the famous wearable fitness tracker from the Chinese brand. It finally gets a much-awaited feature: heart rate monitoring. The price of the band is still pretty cheap. You can get it for $16 in China and approximately $25 plus shipping if you buy it on an import e-commerce website to deliver it to your home. You can buy it from Geekbuying for example.
Xiaomi will preserve its position in the top 3 of wearable manufacturers with its new generation of band. It might even become the number 1. Its two main competitors, Fitbit and Apple can hardly compete this features/price ratio for a fitness tracker. Let’s see how the MI Band Pulse compare with its predecessor, and with the Apple watch on heart rate monitoring.

Here are the measures:
Apple Watch – Mi Band Pulse
97 – 84
86 – 84
85 – 84
81 – 61
82 – 82
83 – 83
84 -81
86 – 88
87 – 86
97 – 95
83 – 79
78 – 75

The band has nearly the same design as the previous version. It is thicker than a Fitbit or a Jawbone UP and comes with a classical black rubber band. Comparing it with the first version, the Mi Band Pulse is a bit heavier (5.5g compared to 5g) and 1 mm thicker while length and width stay nearly the same (37×13.6 mm vs 36x14mm). If you have a custom strap, you will still be able to use it.

The upper side of the device keep the three LED but they can’t display colors in this version. The white LED might have been chosen to increase the battery lifetime. The optical heart rate sensor is on the lower side to stay on your skin all the time.

The device could track your pulse rate constantly but for now it’s only on-demand. I think they will add this feature in a future software update of the tracker.
One interesting point: heart rate monitoring could significantly improve the sleep analysis of the band.

Mi Band Pulse will last 20 days on one single charge but we can expect it to last longer. The first version of the band was announced with a 30-day lifetime battery but many users witnessed it could last more than 40 days. The capacity of the battery is bigger with 45 mAh compared to 41 mAh.

The device is said to be IP67 water resistant. It means your band will be protected against dust and you can be submerge it underwater up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Simply put, you can definitely shower with your Xiaomi Mi Band and even take have a bath.

The new strap is made of better material to avoid the problems with the device flipping out from the band or the strap being broken (around the edges where it holds in the units). It actually happened to one of mine :( but that was a good opportunity to buy a custom band. Just because you are asking, my favorite is the Camo Band.


The Mi Band Pulse will still use Bluetooth Low Energy so that it’s compatible with the iPhone 4S and above and Android 4.4 devices and above.

You will still be able to unlock your phone with your band if you own a compatible Android smartphone. You can also program an alarm clock that will make your band vibrate to wake up you smoothly without disturbing your partner in your bed.


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