Wimpy kid is an awarded novel as it’s an journal book of a boy Greg Heffley. There are 8 characters in the diary of wimpy kid. Wimpy kid was the fastest selling book of 2011. As if we talk about its content, the entire content tells us about the problems of Greg Heffley and till the last Greg is somewhere in the problem but by god grace he is able to get rid of them with help of his friend Rowley Heffley. There are 10 parts of Wimpy kid till 2015 that are released and the latest part of Wimpy kid is the old school released in year 2015. Genre of the book is comedy. Wimpy kid is available on both the book and movie. The book is of 220 pages. Pictures shown in book are made such that the reader feels that it’s a true journal. The diary of Wimpy Kid was released on 1 april,2015.  Sometimes when I feel like sad or boring then i use to read wimpy kid as I am having cabin fever but I have read all of them and as I have said this before that somewhere the problems of greg and situations make me laugh as the best that I remember is when rowley takes of greg’s towel when he was in his underwear in his room. Wimpy_Kid_snapshot


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