I Am writing this blog in association with My Airtel App. Airtel was founded on 7th July, 1995. Since a long time Airtel has been a part of our daily routine life as today everyone is carrying a smart phone and by god grace, Airtel is able to give its best service than other service providers and that’s why Airtel has stayed somewhere near to us in our mobile phones and its 100% true that Airtel is best as compared to others according to my experience. All across the India Airtel service is provided which is the best point to be said for Airtel. Decades have passed, generations have changed and today everyone has changed from their childhood to an adult and everyone is getting into a stressful life whether it’s a 10-year-old child because of competition or 60-year-old man because of family or its health problem. Somewhere each of us want to get to an easy life and if we say that is not wrong is that Airtel has given us an easy way or medium to solve some sort of our daily life problems in seconds only by downloading it’s app from app store by use of our internet connection. As generations have passed, technologies have entered in our life and now each of us is in habit of these technologies like smart phone, television, computers, tablets and much more. Usually we use our mobile phones to make calls, messages to friends or our relatives and to get information about different topics or to chat with others and similarly in computer we use internet to get information, to use social websites and to make face to face conference and to use all of these elements we pay and get internet service and recharge. Previously we had to spend our time and energy to go to shop or franchise to pay bills and to make recharge, later online services came to make work easier which were easier than previous one but now Airtel has launched its application and we can download this app from this URL It’s the simplest and easiest way to manage our bills and recharge and now by use of this application and we don’t need to waste our energy and time, only thing is that we need to use our handset and myairtel app. Now by Airtel’s grace on our head our hard life has got some sort of relaxation from its fast running life filled with competitions which gives a lot of headache. All services are provided on myairtel app and this application is free to be downloaded on android platform users and very soon it will be available for IOS users. Airtel has very much proved that it’s the best service provider as compared to others as it thinks and works for its customers better and easy future. Thanks to Airtel for being like our best friends as they think for us.


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