Steps taken in life from beginning to the end shows the result which could either be fail or could be success .Success start from a getting the desired result and gives biggest motivation of life, and this gives always a fresh energy to do something more. To be a successful in life we must have to define our path and goal in our life within the time frame, and we must should have to orient our path in such direction which is going to our goal. Once we get our goal we will not feel any kind of tiredness when we work in continuations for a long time without any interval or break. Fail means try once again and success means next level of your goal. There are plenty of barriers to success, but there’s one substantial obstacle that few people know about. It’s your iceberg beliefs. Learn how to erase self-limiting beliefs and break out of your can’t-do mindset to achieve big goals. Success comes with a hard work done in life not by staying on a hope of better future. Having hope is not bad but working hard according to the hope is important. As if we talk about our Mahatma Gandhi consider to be father of all as india is in state of freedom because of him. Mahatma Gandhi ji never left hope always worked hard for we indians to give us the freedom in our life.


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